Back-up solution landingseddel

The back-up solution ensures that the buyer is allocated a landingsseddel-number when the normal solution is not working.

Use the back-up when:
**Recipient cannot contact webservice.
**Recipient’s system is not working.

Buyer can order back-up buy sending an SMS, or calling Norges Råfisklag. For the solution to work, users’ mobile phone numbers must be registered in advance. Recipients must report mobile phone numbers to Råfisklaget.

Recipient must always have printed copies of the back-up formula to the back-up solution.

Recipient must calculate the exact quantity of the landingsseddel before ordering back-up.

**Send SMS to 90 16 01 00/ 90 26 01 00 with text: lev mottaksnumber Vesselnumber weight (ex: lev t9211 t900lk 201925) or
**Call Norges Råfisklag to get back-up landingsseddel number, 77 66 01 00/41 46 84 40.

Copies of the back-up sluttsedler must be sent by email to

Back-up numbers will be followed up by Råfisklaget, and must be registered as normal when systems are working again.


**When contact with web service is re-established, use back-up number when registering in your system.
**When recipients’ system is down, use pre-printed back-up formula and the ordered sluttseddel number.

Fisherman and recipient must sign landingsseddel. When systems are working, the back-up landingsseddel must be registered in the normal way.